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Can You Feel It In The Air?

As the restrictions around my area and the country begin to loosen (in some but not all places), I reflected on what the last several weeks have been like for all of us, not just in the USA but around the world. This weekend was simply gorgeous with blue skies both yesterday and today and  nary a cloud in the sky. With it now being May (yes, MAY), we have seen and heard much in the media but I like to look at the positive... many of us have reconnected with family like never before and have also learned much more about ourselves..... as things slowly begin to get back to normal, the beauty of this weekend reminded me that whatever is happening, it is just a moment in time and you can "feel" the anticipation and urgency of new beginnings just around the corner. We will get through this and resume our lives, hopefully as much better versions of ourselves than just a few short weeks ago... I can feel the new beginnings in the air.... how about you?